Classic Toys For Learning

Building blocks have always been a classic favorite among children. Have you ever thought about what a child can truly learn from such a simple toy? 

Here are 5 valuable things that children can learn from playing with blocks!

  • Science concepts: Building towers and watching them topple over is a great way for kids to learn about the concept of gravity! “When I build this tall tower, it will topple over and the blocks will fall.”  They also can learn about simple machines as they add ramps to their block building.


  • Spatial Reasoning: This is a concept that little ones can learn as they ask questions such as: what shape will fit here?  Will this fall down? If I put these blocks together what shape will they make? Playing with blocks helps children learn about direction and navigating the space around them. 


  • Math: Blocks can be used to learn math concepts such as shape building, comparing and sorting, making patterns and even measurements. How many blocks long is my hand? If I put these two smaller blocks together, they are the same size as the larger block!


  • Better Motor Skills: Even the simple act of a baby or toddler grasping a block in their hand is excellent for learning fine motor skills. As they get older and their motor skills improve, they will start to try to stack the blocks in ways in which they won’t topple over. This is a great exercise to work on hand eye coordination.


  • Creativity Enhancement:  Children learn to look at a “blank slate” toy and use their imagination to turn simple materials into a pirate ship, castle or even a representation of their home. Block play helps to stimulate their creative minds!