Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education at Dogwood Hills Academy

Our Preschool Prepares Your Child For the Future!

Studies show that children who have positive, productive experiences in child care are better prepared socially and academically at school entry. Research also shows that the most important years of a child’s brain development and learning patterns occur from infancy to age five. Being prepared means higher educational success. Dogwood Hills Academy’s high quality caring and educational program is designed to create an appreciation and advanced aptitude for learning, providing a long-term advantage at an early age.


The youngest participants in our preschool.

With attentive, responsive care, young infants quickly learn which behaviors lead to having their basic needs met. Infants whose needs are met consistently and lovingly are more open to exploring their environment and new experiences.



Explorers and young communicators.

Toddlers busily explore and learn about the world they live in. They begin to respond to the feelings and reactions of others, and gain more control over their own emotions. Language development helps them understand cause and effect, such as saying goodbye to family and knowing they will return.



Learning independence and self-help skills.

Increased language skills allow two year olds the ability to regulate their emotions and to explore their sense of self. Twos not only begin to use words to express their emotions, they can also recognize and respond appropriately to the emotions of others. Twos develop from consistent, predictable routines. They begin to understand basic concepts about time and to recognize that there is an order to daily events.



Looking for new experiences.

The preschool years are a special time in the life of young children. Trust, independence and initiative are just a few traits that preschoolers experience. Their language expands tremendously as observations, experiments and interactions with others increase.



Kindergarten here we come.

The Georgia Pre-K Program is a lottery funded educational program designed to prepare four year olds for kindergarten.


School Age

Elementary age children.

Before and after-school care and activities for elementary age children, including school breaks.


Summer Camp

We Put the FUN Back In Summer!

Our Summer calendar is packed with special visitors, splashing in our Water Park and cooking experiments for our campers age 5 to 10. Our huge, nature surrounded playground provides a safe, fun learning environment, along with a sports field for added enjoyment. It’s all here at DHA!