Looking For New Experiences

The preschool years are a special time in the life of young children. Trust, independence and initiative are just a few traits that preschoolers experience. Their language expands tremendously as observations, experiments and interactions with others increase.

Along with a growing vocabulary, preschoolers bodies are growing and developing, gaining strength, agility and coordination.

At Dogwood Hills Academy, our over-sized classrooms offer many activities for our preschool children. From our specially designed tablet labs, equipped with the latest in technology and software, to the dramatic play areas supplied with multi-cultural dress up clothing and ethnic cooking items.

Each child can choose their area of interest during center times, along with group learning experiences. Challenging, age-appropriate activities await the preschooler on Dogwood Hills Academy’s specially designed playground. Physical activity is essential to growing both physically and mentally. Our expansive, surrounded by nature playground allows for this development.

Daily reports inform parents and family of each child’s activities. On-going assessment by our trained and caring teachers assist each child in reaching for their goals by concentrating on what the preschooler can accomplish and what is needed to get to the next level. Research shows that social/emotional readiness is critical to a successful kindergarten transition, early school success and even later accomplishments in the workplace. School readiness is essential to each child’s success, and Dogwood Hills Academy is Where Bright Futures Bloom!

Our Preschoolers In Action